Eligibility & Documents Needed
  • Loan applicant must be aged 21 years & above
  • Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • In employment
For Employees
  • Identification Card (NRIC)
  • Singpass Login
  • Proof of billing (Any latest bill indicating residential address)
  • Latest 3 month original payslip (Only applicable if there is no CPF contribution)
  • Letter of employment (Only applicable for new employment)
For Self Employed
  • Identification Card (NRIC)
  • Singpass Login
  • Notice of assessment (NOA indicating trade income)
  • ACRA (Accounting/Corporate Regulatory Authority)
  • Proof of billing ( Any latest bill indicating residential address
For Taxi Drivers
  • Identification Card (NRIC)
  • Vocational license
  • Taxi pass
  • Min 7 days job summary
  • Proof of billing (Any latest bill indicating residential address)

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